Terms of Service

These are the rules for participation on WolseleyGirl.com. They are intended to insure that all visitors have a pleasant experience every time they visit WolseleyGirl.com. Please read them carefully, and remember that breaking them is grounds for removal of posting priviledges.

The audience of this site includes children. For that reason all content posted must be suitable for a general audience. Profanity and vulgarity are not permitted. Vulgar or profane items may be edited or deleted, at the discretion of the site administrator or moderator. This means NO SWEARING. It is possible to post intelligent, adult level material, on adult topics, without using foul language. It is also possible to discuss adult topics in a way that is suitable for a general audience. Members who ignore this will have their posting priviledges revoked.

Members may upload images and photographs to their blogs, stories or the image galleries. All images and photographs must be suitable for a general audience.

Members must have distribution rights for any images or photographs uploaded. This means the member must have created the image, taken the photograph, or have permission from the original creator / photographer. POSTING IMAGES FOR WHICH YOU DO NOT HOLD DISTRIBUTION RIGHTS IS VIOLATION OF INTERNATIONAL COPYRIGHT LAW AND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

NO suggestive, provocative or risqué images will be permitted. All people in photos must be fully clothed.

Subject matter and content of polls must be worded so that they are suitable for a general audience. Adult issues may be used for polls, but please be careful about the way you word your topics and choices. Admin or moderators may edit or delete polls that do not follow these guidelines.

BE POLITE. Rudeness, flames, personal attacks and other inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.

Various areas of the boards have their own sets of rules. Please read and follow the rules for the area in which you are participating.

Spamming will not be tolerated. Members who spam the boards or other members will have priviledges revoked.

These terms of service may be updated or changed from time to time. Such updates will be announced in the forums. Please remember to keep up to date on the rules.