on bullies

My neighbourhood is beset by a bully. This person seems reasonable, appears normal, is even well liked by a large number of neighbours. The rest of us, however, know the truth. We know about the threats, the unfounded complaints to city officials, the years of harrassment. We know about the nice people who have been driven away from the area because of this person's actions. We know the truth, and we've had more than enough.

The thing about bullies is that they don't stop until someone takes a stand. They continue their intmidation for years. Victims typically suffer in silence, hoping the bully will go away. Of course, they never do go away. They continue to make life miserable for others -- until someone, or a group of someones, fights back.

I believe that a day of reconning is rapidly approaching. It can't come soon enough to suit me.

Update: The bully has moved out of the neighbourhood. While this means that we are no longer subject to this person's ridiculous demands, it feels somewhat anticlimactic. The neighbours have not had their day of reconning, and there is a sense that things are not quite over.