A Bouncing Baby Boy!

Feline boy that is. Just under two weeks ago my husband and I went to Craig Street Cats to find, well, a cat. We both had some specific things in mind as to what we wanted but every cat is an individual and we did have to compromise between us.

Here was my cat checklist:
1) relatively affectionate with people, I do like a cat that will cuddle up and watch tv with me
2) relatively playful with other cats, my husbands cat will play but learned from a dog and doesnt really know how to play with a cat
3) has the possibility to be interested in going outside, I used to "walk" Dandy outside (and walk is used very very loosely) and Mysty has no desire whatsoever to go outside, in fact she will tell you how very much she hates outside should you try to take her there, now that we're in a 3 story walk up that allows pets (and not an 8 story that doesnt) I want outside to be an option.

Here was the husbands cat checklist:
1) had to be friendly toward Mysty
2) young, he really really really wanted a "kitten" kitten, like 8-12 weeks old, while I wanted a fixed/vaccinated/ready to go, so an older cat, one that would be harder to home simply due to age

So we told Lynne what we wanted and once the cats were released we sorted through who came to see us and went from there. We narrowed our search down to
Cuddles http://www.petfinder.com/petnote/displaypet.cgi?petid=13967589
and Keifer (who was a recent addition that I hadn't met before)
We decided to think about it over night as we weren't picking the cat up until Sunday morning.
My husband really wanted Keifer and we had both decided that as people friendly as Cuddles is (she is really really people friendly) we wanted to keep Mysty in mind in our decision. We finally compromised on Sketch who is a young adult but small in size.

He is now home with us and adjusting well, he has also been renamed Charlemagne (Char for short). He did seem a little confused at the lack of other cats but he and Mysty are just starting to play together. He likes to go full tilt all the time and so far has worn us out on a regular basis. We did go for our first outside excursion in the form of a car ride and though the heat was against us he seemed to enjoy it (and it tired him out some).

He is also quite the photogenic little critter so photos will be forthcoming.