What's In A Name? Part II

Ahem, I seem to be on a roll tonight so I might as well continue.

So the dog. He was my first dog and as such I found him, chose him, arranged everything for him and chose his name. He was the biggest male puppy of a litter of 9 and was called by the mothers owner "Tank" cute name but I had already picked out my name. This has worked out but sometimes the name you choose really wont work out once you meet your animal, the cat's name was chosen after she came home with us.

Fincayra (or Fin) Michael Finnigan is named for a book, or rather a place in a book. The T.A. Barron novels about Merlins' child and young adulthood. I have several names from the book that I like and one day hope to employ but Fin comes with a poem:
Talking trees and walking stones,
Giants are the island's bones.
While this land our dance still knows,
Varigal crowns Fincayra.
Live long, live long Fincayra.

There is also a character Shim (a small giant) who has a poem:
Where in the darkenss a castle doth spin,
Small with be large, ends will begin.
Only when giants make dance in the hall
Shall every barrier crumble and fall.

At the clinic we would sometime name the BARC puppies that came in. If they were from a single seizure or sale they would all have to start with the same letter but sometimes they hadn't been assigned one by the time they got to the clinic. There was also a batch of Parvo Puppies that stayed with us until their deaths, 5 kennels were labeled alphabetically but eventually each dog got a name starting with the letter of their kennel. There were 16 in total but I only remember a few: Avery, Badhocks, Chubby, Ernst.

At the store people always ask if we name the rescue kittens and we sort of do but they aren't "name" names, it is usually a descriptive name (and not always nice or PC) like "Hat" for a kitten with a big black patch on his head. Of if a kitten comes in that looks like a previous kitten that we know the name of it kind of became a name for that type of coat or colour pattern; "Buttons" was a grey and white domestic long hair and there have since been several "Buttons" kittens. Stink Pot was always applicable.

Perhaps a great literary or historical figure? The thinking continues.

Mea West