Westward Bound

So here we are, prepping to head west and I thought I would share a little of what I have seen, done and dealt with while working with Craig Street Cats.

In my dealings with CSC I have had a rather unique view of things. First, it was reading the origional info sheets left at the store and thinking "what a fantastic idea!". Second, it was recieving the first batch of kittens. Third, it was watching the progress via the web site as cats were trapped, neutered and released. And lastly, it is as an active volunteer giving both time and goods to the organization.

CSC volunteers rarely see each other, the first and only time I met most of the others was at the rummage sale. I think part of this is due to the many roles at the many locations across the city. Someone who is fostering kittens may never see someone who makes and donates items for sale. Another reason is that location thing. Lynnes house is hospital, maternity ward, storage, adoption center and on and on; the nice thing about that is that it is open almost 24/7! I have been by at 9:00pm and things are still in full swing so us night owls never see the morning larks.

I dont think that this arrangment is necessarily a bad thing (nor is it going to change any time soon) but there are still so many gaps to be filled. If you knit or sew or craft of any kind your skills can be used to make beds and toys for the cats and for sale to raise funds. If you are handy there are shelters to build. If you have a free afternoon, stop by and brush some cats, or play with kittens or sweep the floor or scoop some litter. There is also the hardgood side of things, money is always needed but what it buys is needed too. A 50 lb container of litter (any type of litter) can always be used but so can a few rolls of paper towel or toilet paper. Because Lynnes house is base camp house hold things are needed too (soap, paper towels etc.).

CSC is only a year old and has done great things but more can be done and needs to be done. CSC no longer just Traps, Neuters, vaccinates and Releases feral adult cats. Friendly adults are put up for adoption, kittens are fostered and then sent to the store and the public is slowly being educated about Winnipegs feral cat problem. CSC is also answering and dealing with many cat questions and problems from across the city.

With this much going on, help is needed. Show up with a goal in mind and do it. Lynne is often too overrun to find a job that is needed but that doesn't mean that jobs dont exist.