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Cash Grab Anyone?

This is regarding the Winnipeg Humane Society and my incredible frustration with how they deal with cats, the following is an excerpt from the July 15, 2009 post by executive director Bill McDonald:

All Growed Up

When I was young, my definition of an adult was being able to do things yourself. Read. Drive. Buy Groceries. And to some extent this is still my standard. This view started early and drove my parents up the wall, it may have been faster for them to tie my shoes and be on our way but they would stand there with patience while I said "Do By Self!" in the most imperious of voices. I am still very 'do by self' and those words are immortal in my family.

Westward Bound

So here we are, prepping to head west and I thought I would share a little of what I have seen, done and dealt with while working with Craig Street Cats.

In my dealings with CSC I have had a rather unique view of things. First, it was reading the origional info sheets left at the store and thinking "what a fantastic idea!". Second, it was recieving the first batch of kittens. Third, it was watching the progress via the web site as cats were trapped, neutered and released. And lastly, it is as an active volunteer giving both time and goods to the organization.

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