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On Renovations

I am beginning to understand why it is that contractors are usually behind schedule on renovations. As I go through this site, trying to prepare it for the rest of the world to see, I keep finding more work that needs to be done. I had hoped to be completely finished by now, but things keep dragging on.

I suppose it would be much easier to get done if silly things, like work, didn’t keep getting in the way. Ah well, I can honestly say that when I get done with this site, it will be well worth the wait. Just like those contractors keep saying about renovations. . . .

How Calling Health Links Almost Got Me Killed

Originally published Apr. 1, 2008

On Saturday I happened to call Health Links to ask a couple of questions. I had had a really strange sore throat for a few days, and was debating whether to go to Urgent Care, or wait for Monday when my family doctor would be in his office. The nurse was very polite and professional. She asked a bunch of questions, listened to the answers, and told me that I needed to hang up, call 911 and get to either HSC or St Boniface hospital. It seems she thought I was having a heart attack.

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