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Charise's Challenge

Just before Christmas, Charise Falk issued a challenge to everyone who 'likes' Craig Street Cats' facebook page. Her challenge is very simple. She challenged everyone who like the page to donate $10 to help cover Craig Street Cats $10,000 vet bill. If all of the 1060 people who 'liked' the page at the time the challege was issued actually donated $10, the entire bill could be paid off.

Craig Street Cats Vies for $100,000 Pepsi Refresh Grant

Craig Street Cats, a Wolseley area non-profit organization working with feral cats, has been accepted into the current round of voting for Pepsi Refresh Grants, and stands to win $100,000 to open an adoption center if it garners sufficient support. Grant receipients are determined in an online voting process where voters are allowed to vote for up to 10 "refreshing ideas" per day between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31, 2010. The CSC idea is to open an adoption center for its rescued cats and kittens.

You can vote for Craig Street CAts at http://refresheverything.ca/feralcats

on bullies

My neighbourhood is beset by a bully. This person seems reasonable, appears normal, is even well liked by a large number of neighbours. The rest of us, however, know the truth. We know about the threats, the unfounded complaints to city officials, the years of harrassment. We know about the nice people who have been driven away from the area because of this person's actions. We know the truth, and we've had more than enough.

on customer service

This evening I stopped in at a local office supply store (one of the major chains) to make some photocopies. Having spent 20 years teaching, I am well versed in the use of copying machines -- from Gestetners to modern computerized whizbangs, so I opted for the self serve copiers.

on things you never expected to find in Wolseley

There are many things one would never expect to find in this neighbourhood. Certainly a common bawdy house has to be near the top of that list. Strangely, though, one has been found. Found, raided, closed down, and reported upon in the media.

You'd think that if there were a brothel on your block, or across the back lane, you'd notice a few things. Things like strange men coming and going at all hours of the night, unusual traffic, unsavoury characters -- you know, all the things that are supposed to go along with whore houses.

More System Changes

Update, Sept. 5/09: It seems that gmail.com is a safe haven for spammers and other internet scum. I have therefore banned gmail. Users with gmail email addresses will not be allowed to register for WolseleyGirl.com user accounts.

If this affects any of our current members, they need only contact us via email to have their account access reset. Sorry for any inconvenience.

System changes

Over the past while some rotten ne'erdowells have registered for WolseleyGirl.com user accounts and attempted to post links to material that is strictly against our terms of service. Because of this user registration has been changed to require admin approval before new users may login to their accounts.

The nasty no-goodnicks have been banned and blocked. I hope this ends the problem.

on bicycle path vigilantes

This morning, as I was driving down Wolseley, I was accosted by a bicycle path vigilante. This person was making a point of walking down the middle of the road, disrupting motorists who HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO USE THE ROAD ON SUNDAYS. There are, in fact, signs with statements to this effect posted all the way along Wolseley.

on theft of intellectual property

In today's mail I received a postcard from a local real estate agent. The card encouraged me to visit a brand new website that would tell me about the history of Wolseley and all about shops and businesses located in this neighbourhood. Cool, I thought.

on stupidity

Yesterday, the Winnipeg Humane Society made changes to one of its programs. Now, this happens all the time. Programs are updated, made more accessible, improved, or dropped, depending on the situation. Yesterday was different, however. Yesterday marked what may be the stupidest change that any animal welfare group has ever made to any supposed animal welfare program.

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