Charise's Challenge

Just before Christmas, Charise Falk issued a challenge to everyone who 'likes' Craig Street Cats' facebook page. Her challenge is very simple. She challenged everyone who like the page to donate $10 to help cover Craig Street Cats $10,000 vet bill. If all of the 1060 people who 'liked' the page at the time the challege was issued actually donated $10, the entire bill could be paid off.

Craig Street Cats Vies for $100,000 Pepsi Refresh Grant

Craig Street Cats, a Wolseley area non-profit organization working with feral cats, has been accepted into the current round of voting for Pepsi Refresh Grants, and stands to win $100,000 to open an adoption center if it garners sufficient support. Grant receipients are determined in an online voting process where voters are allowed to vote for up to 10 "refreshing ideas" per day between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31, 2010. The CSC idea is to open an adoption center for its rescued cats and kittens.

You can vote for Craig Street CAts at

on bullies

My neighbourhood is beset by a bully. This person seems reasonable, appears normal, is even well liked by a large number of neighbours. The rest of us, however, know the truth. We know about the threats, the unfounded complaints to city officials, the years of harrassment. We know about the nice people who have been driven away from the area because of this person's actions. We know the truth, and we've had more than enough.

Finding A Vet Part II: Do they have what you want?

So, I shall finally get off my virtual bum and get moving on this, not that I have been moving as quickly as I should in reality but alas, procrastination is my forte.

So for Part II I am going to state what I am looking for in my vet compare that with my short list.

What do I want?
As I have researched new trends and techniques for both dogs and cats I have come up with a few things I feel are a 'must'; they are as follows.
1) On site lab

on customer service

This evening I stopped in at a local office supply store (one of the major chains) to make some photocopies. Having spent 20 years teaching, I am well versed in the use of copying machines -- from Gestetners to modern computerized whizbangs, so I opted for the self serve copiers.

Finding a Veterinarian

So I said I would start this series and I am finally getting arround to it, I was hoping to do it at the same time as I found myself a new vet in my new town but my current financial state is a tad strangling. I will get into why this is a bad thing to put off but that will be later.

Part I: Where to find a vet?

So there are several ways to find a vet and they should all be explored.

350 Climate Change Rally at the Leg Oct 24

Dear Friends,

A Series on Vets

So I think I'm going to start a series on how to find a vet, what to look for, what to ask, what really matters and all that fun stuff. It will probably take a few entries as I can be a tad windy when I have something to say and I feel I must say it.

I like to think that I am more than qualified to do this for a few reasons.

A Roundhouse Kick to the FACE!

I seem to have a shortage of . . . patience? . . . tact? . . . manners? Well, whatever I am lacking it is thankfully staying internal, or at least I haven't been pushed past my breaking point and I have started to berrate those around me.

A Bouncing Baby Boy!

Feline boy that is. Just under two weeks ago my husband and I went to Craig Street Cats to find, well, a cat. We both had some specific things in mind as to what we wanted but every cat is an individual and we did have to compromise between us.

Here was my cat checklist:
1) relatively affectionate with people, I do like a cat that will cuddle up and watch tv with me
2) relatively playful with other cats, my husbands cat will play but learned from a dog and doesnt really know how to play with a cat

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