About WolseleyGirl.com

To much of the city, the residents of Wolseley are a strange mixture of artists, hippies and kooks that will never be understood. They wonder how on earth anyone can complain about mosquito fogging. Why so many of us have "unconventional" front yards. How come so many of us run around in spandex, when our bodies are so obviously not the type for which spandex was intended. Why we're so vocal about the causes that are important to us. What possesses us to live in hundred year old homes that can clearly never be restored, and often can't be renovated. Where we find wardrobes that would do for a revival of "Hair". Why we insist on keeping aging, obsolete schools open. When we're going to stop fooling around with all that artsy stuff and get "real" jobs. In short, they think we're nuts.

Some of us might very well be a few bricks shy of a load -- after all, every community has its share of eccentrics -- but Wolseley residents have a history of speaking up when they have something to say. From Nellie McClung, through to the "wild women of Wolseley" in 1957, and on to today, we've done an impressive job of letting the world know just what's on our minds. WolseleyGirl intends to continue that tradition.

On this site past, current, and prospective residents of Winnipeg's granola belt can have their say about the neighbourhood and the things that make it tick. Those wanting to find out what makes this neighbourhood so different from the rest of the city are welcome to join us.